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Kim Son cuisine - Bold and remember forever

15/01/2018 19/01/2018

Kim Sơn Lưu Phương Kim Sơn Ninh Bình, Việt Nam

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Kim Son cuisine - Bold and remember forever

Going from the North to the South, where there are always dishes with bold local cuisine. If you visit Kim Son - a coastal district south of Ninh Binh, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of the country, the taste of the new land.

     Kim Son wine

     The land of Kim Son - Ninh Binh is given the natural source of precious water flowing from the underground strength of the mother land, combined with specialty rice grown on this land, both catalyzed by special enamel made from 36 Northern Medicines, together with the esoteric formula of households with long traditions of local brewing, make the wine tasty, ranked in the top 10 best wine in Vietnam. Kim Son wine has a very unique tone and flavor of the sea, with the strong and violent sea, but still retain the sweet and sweet taste as the maternal grandmother has donated. for the people here. The longer the wine tastes, the better the aroma, the higher the wine value, the moderate intake of good and strengthen health. Guests have the opportunity to taste Kim Son wine can feel the countryside in every drop of wine, spicy hot pepper, pangolins at the tip of the tongue, and then shade the palate makes us feel lightheaded, faint Innocent and soaring, feeling the warmth of friendship, and feeling like we are enjoying the purity of nature.

      Noodle Kim Sơn

If you have the opportunity to visit Phat Diem cathedral, visitors do not forget to enjoy simple dishes but no less bold, that is Bun Mountain. As the name implies, noodles like Kim Son noodles, sprouts, raw vegetables and broth, but simple components but want a bowl of noodles, the noodles must be very skilled. Vermicelli made from delicious rice, so the fiber is flexible and fragrant. Water from the bones of the tube for sweet taste. It is made from fresh butt meat, can be grinded at the ear and at the cartilage to crispy, sweet, rich flavor. Raw vegetables are also very varied with prices, vegetables, banana, basil, marjoram, roasted vegetables ... thus creating a very specific flavor. And the way of eating is not like other places, chan water in the bowl to leave the vermicelli and grow into separate plates, depending on the user choose to eat more, eat less, eat to get there. The special taste of the dish is the combination of enjoying right in the hot with some vegetables, soft noodles, long fiber, sweet taste of stewed bones, delicious pieces with the smell of mushrooms, wood ear. .. create a new taste and attractive for people to enjoy. Kim Son vermicelli is popular because it does not need luxurious restaurants, but right at the curbside, street corners, rural markets, small alleys ... you can enjoy delicious bowls of noodles that only eat New direct feel.

Source: Tran Hang - XTDL


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