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Visit to Pattaya in the center of Trang An in 2017

15/01/2018 19/01/2018

Tràng An Ninh Xuân Ninh Binh Ninh Bình, Việt Nam

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Visit to Pattaya in the center of Trang An in 2017

After 3 years of recognition as the first mixed heritage of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Trang An Spectacular Group has a new position on the tourism map of the country as well as in the world. This place has become an attractive destination can not be ignored in the "tour guide" of domestic and international tourists.

In 2017, the Trang An complex has received 6.125.884 passengers, up 6.62% over the same period in 2016, of which domestic visitors (5.415.050 arrivals), international visitors (710,834 arrivals) 5.91% and 12.42%, respectively, and received more than 10 national and international film crews as well as reporters and journalists; Welcoming and guiding over 30 domestic and foreign diplomatic delegations to work and visit.

Kong movie: Skull Island In addition to the famous tourist attractions such as Trang An, Bai Dinh, Tam Coc - Bich Dong ... has long been a place to attract all the "look" of visitors, Chang'an became the highlight of tourism, attracting a large number of visitors to visit is to reproduce the film Kong: Skull Island to tourists come here as living in the movie live. In addition to the new tourist attractions such as mysterious Cup with mysterious scenery, hidden colorful historical; Dances and dances bring wild beauty, great visitors are here to discover and experience more types of tourism. In addition, the triangular flower field at Thung Nham, or white paddy fields blooming along Trang An road to Bai Dinh are also attractive to young people today.

The way to the Cave of Dances brings wild beauty. Exotic mysterious cup, hidden colorful history In order to achieve this result, the Management Board of Trang An scenic populations effectively implemented the work of foreign affairs, propaganda, advertising on internet as well as newspapers. In addition, the state management of tourism is also focused on: actively coordinating with other sectors, enterprises and localities to implement the task of ensuring security and order, environmental sanitation, travel civilization in tourist resorts; To actively organize training courses and fostering tourism knowledge and skills for managers and employees; Organizing training courses for laborers engaged in tourism activities on civilized behavior towards tourists; Continuously associated with travel agencies throughout the country, the media to build new tourism products to stimulate demand for visitors to visit; Promoting tourism in the media, fairs, seminars ...

In addition, the Management Board always emphasizes the management, conservation, exploitation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage values of the world. It has become a key factor in promoting tourism development of the whole province, creating a breakthrough to make Ninh Binh tourism become a tourist center of the northern coastal region and the whole country, contributing effectively in Socio-economic development of the whole province.

Source: trangandanhthang.vn


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