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Promoting the promotion of Ninh Binh Tourism in the coming time

15/01/2018 20/01/2018

Đông Thành Ninh Bình Việt Nam

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Promoting the promotion of Ninh Binh Tourism in the coming time

Over the past years, tourism promotion has been considered as one of the important factors contributing to the development of the province's tourism industry, the growth of customers, revenue and job creation for local people. . In 2017, the re-establishment of Tourism Department of Ninh Binh province on the basis of separation from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ninh Binh, tourism promotion activities are increasingly focused and gradually professionalism, contributing actively promote image, Ninh Binh tourism position in the domestic and international tourism market.

As the leader in tourism promotion, Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Center was established in 2001 with the precursor of Tourism Investment Promotion Center. Under the direction of all levels and branches, the center has acted as an intermediary bridge to connect tourism units and enterprises inside and outside the province, to carry out many programs for promoting and promoting tourism. . Promotional content, tourism promotion is built diversified and rich, suitable with the actual conditions of the locality. Information about Ninh Binh tourism is expressed in various forms of lively and attractive, so the number of visitors to Ninh Binh in recent years has continuously increased. In the period of 2009 - 2016, the number of tourists increased rapidly, increasing 17.6% / year on average, the average turnover increased 36.1% / year. Especially since 2014, Trang An Spectacular Populations have been officially recognized as the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site - the first mixed heritage of Vietnam and Southeast Asia - the number of visitors has increased dramatically. In 2017, the whole province expects to receive over 7,000,000 visitors, of which domestic visitors will be over 6,197,000, international visitors will reach over 859,000. Tourism revenue is estimated at 2,500,000 billion, up 43% with 2016.

Tourists visit the movie Kong skull island

The result is a significant contribution of tourism promotion. In 2017 tourism promotion has been actively implemented through activities in such fields as: Internet advertising; on the mass media; Organizing events at fairs and conferences; publishing publications of materials;

Determining the activities of promoting tourism through the internet is a form of high efficiency with low cost regardless of space and time, Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Center has maintained and promoted activities. Website of Ninh Binh Tourism Website, website specializing in promoting products and services in Ninh Binh as well as tourist information website Ninh Binh social networking facebook facebook in English and English. After several upgrades, Ninh Binh tourism website with domain name: www.dulichninhbinh.com.vn, www.ninhbinhtourism.com.vn using 4 languages: Việt, Anh, Pháp, Nhật Providing visitors with fast, accurate and accurate information on industry activities, potential, strengths, specific tourism products, investment policy for the tourism industry as well as The development of tourism, step by step to meet the information needs of visitors. In 2017, Ninh Binh Tourism Information Website has become a reliable information not only for tourists but also for investors and researchers, as well as intermediary and support link. Support and promote products and services for businesses in tourism services in the province. 2017 Information page has attracted 5.175 million visitors, up 6.26% over the same period in 2016.

In addition, the promotion activities on the media and communication is increasingly promoted. The Center has actively coordinated and provided information to Ninh Binh Television for the implementation of programs, reportage tourism, tourism magazine column on the local news channel; Collaborating with the news agency of VTV1 channel to implement the program "Farmers to work in tourism and tourism to contribute to promoting the construction of new rural areas" at Dau Lau Island - Trang An Eco-tourism Area; Coordinate with VTV24 news center - Vietnam Television to organize video recording at some trade villages in Ninh Binh province;

In addition to information dissemination activities, tourism promotion events have been widely implemented. In 2017, the Center organized and co-operated with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Tourism Department, Ninh Binh Tourism Association and other organizations in and outside the province to organize 28 festivals, seminars and seminars promoting Ninh Binh tourism in the country and internationally. From international fairs and exhibitions such as International Tourism Fair - ITB Berlin 2017 in Germany; Vietnam International Travel Fair - VITM Hanoi 2017 and International Tourism Fair of Ho Chi Minh City - ITE HCMC 2017, ... to the fairs of the Red River Delta and neighboring provinces such as Thai Nguyen , Bac Ninh, Ha Nam ... From typical festivals in the province such as Hoa Lu ancient festival, Trang An festival, Thai Vi temple festival .... to organize conferences, Destinations in the provinces: Tourism promotion promotion "Ninh Binh Non-charming" in Hai Phong City, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh City; Actively respond to National Tourism Year 2017 - Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Hoa Binh ...; Provide publications (of the Center and Tourism Association) to participate in tourism advertising Ninh Binh to officials and businesses at the Apec 2017 Conference in Da Nang. Collaborating to elaborate contents of the program of displaying and selecting typical handicraft products of Ninh Binh province to select samples for producing souvenirs for tourists; Coordinating with the Tourism Promotion Center, Tourism Promotion Center, Investment Promotion Center, Tourism Trade, Travel Clubs in provinces and cities to welcome 5 Famtrip delegations, Presstrip survey products and services in Ninh Binh; Participating in the survey and discussion program - Linking tours with Thinh Binh, Bac Giang, Lang Son, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh ... These activities not only help visitors, understand more about tourism Ninh But also facilitate the Center exchange, learn experience in tourism activities, create links between Ninh Binh tourism with other provinces.

Promoting Ninh Binh tourism at ITE HCMC

In order to improve the effectiveness of promoting the image of the land and the people of Ninh Binh to get closer to domestic and foreign visitors, in 2017, the Center has produced 1,100 DVDs, 300 USB electronic photo albums to promote the destination image. Ninh Binh calendar, 1,200 travel bulletin, 1,500 picture book "Non Ninh Binh", 5,000 Ninh Binh folding - Destination of World Heritage, 7,000 Map of Ninh Binh Tourism, bilingual English - Vietnamese; providing over 20,000 printed materials (folding books, books, newsletters, DVDs ... and print bags printed domain name, travel Ninh Binh) to propagate and promote tourism in Ninh Binh Festivals, fairs, conferences, seminars, national and international travel events.

However, besides the achievements, promotion and promotion of Ninh Binh tourism still faces many difficulties. The awareness of a small number of local communities in tourism development is limited; Surveying, market research, assessment of tourism potential, planning, roadmap, solutions for tourism promotion long term has not been invested properly. Tourism resources being exploited in the province are affected by natural disasters and climate. The budget allocated for tourism promotion is limited. The socialization of tourism promotion has not been invested by enterprises interested in properly ...

In order to promote effective tourism promotion, in the coming time, the Tourism Promotion Center will develop a plan focusing on key activities such as:

Coordinating with the units of information and communication continue to promote propaganda on the mass media to raise the awareness of officials and people in the province about the position and role of tourism in the development of business. social in the coming years. To strive for the people to be aware of, to protect their resources and to participate in the promotion of tourism in Ninh Binh when there are opportunities.

Pledging to invite experts to conduct survey, research and assessment of tourism potential in a professional and professional manner as a basis for orienting the construction of new tourism products in the short, medium and long term. This is also the basis for the development of long-term plans, roadmaps and solutions for the promotion of targeted tourism in order to bring about practical results in the coming years.

To build and renovate annual tourism promotion programs with appropriate content, rich, attractive, focused and effective. The promotion of tourism promotion must be synchronized and uniform, introducing the tourism products unique, attractive, potential and strength of tourism development of the province on the basis of the heritage of the province. Nature and World Tourism Trang An famous people make positioning for the tourism brand Ninh Binh.

Continue to promote tourism activities on the internet; Actively organize and take advantage of the coordination to participate in tourism promotion events both domestic and international when the opportunity; Famtrip delegations, Presstrip product research, tour links, travel routes with domestic and international travel agencies; Participating in fairs, seminars, exhibitions on tourism within and outside the province, responding to the annual National Tourism Year ...


Positively deploy socialization in promoting and promoting tourism. Mobilizing and promoting the participation of all levels, branches, mass organizations and enterprises in supporting and actively participating in the promotion of tourism. To closely coordinate with the Culture and Information Offices of the districts and cities, the communes having tourist spots and mobilize people of all walks of life to protect the environment and nature; protection of security and defense; To preserve and promote the values ​​of cultural heritage and good traditional values ​​towards sustainable tourism development, building Ninh Binh into a safe, civilized, friendly and hospitable destination.

Ninh Binh is aiming to become a safe, civilized, friendly and hospitable destination. With nearly 20 years of operation, the Tourism Promotion Center has been making great strides and determination, together with the Ninh Binh tourism industry, successfully implemented one of the three breakthroughs that the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress 2015 - 2020: "Developing synchronous infrastructure. Improving the quality and efficiency of tourism and services ", and firmly believe that by 2025, tourism industry will become a key economic sector. By 2030, it will become a spearhead economic branch and make up a large proportion in the economic structure of the province.

Source: Dang Tuan Vu - XTDL PGD Photo: Xuan Lam


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